Studying English in Gozo with BELS English Language Schools


A trip to Malta isn’t complete without spending some time in Gozo.  Malta’s sister island of Gozo is only a twenty-minute ferry ride away from the main island, yet it’s a whole different experience altogether.   As you approach the island and take in the welcoming views of an enchanting gothic chapel perched atop a hill in a heart of greenery, Gozo’s individuality becomes immediately clear; most of the island remains unspoilt and has held on to its rustic charm.

Gozo is a fascinating place, both in terms of its physical offerings, the way of life and cultural identity. Being a smaller island also leads to a deeper sense of community, many who spend time in Gozo make lifetime friendships and return to the island regularly. English is widely spoken, which makes it an ideal location to combine a trip with English studies.

Why study English in Gozo?

Studying English in Gozo offers a full immersion into the language as students can practice English everyday outside of the classroom.

BELS language school in Gozo is in the middle of the countryside in the rustic village of Kercem. At BELS you can expect a welcoming and professional atmosphere.  With 20 years of experience in the business, BELS takes pride in being a small and client-focused school.

Our BELS language school in Gozo provides the perfect environment to quiet down your mind and focus on your English studies. It’s also a great opportunity to integrate with the locals and experience the local life.

What can I do after my English course in Gozo?

Gozo is both culturally and historically rich.  The island is home to Ggantija temple, a pre-historic UNESO World Heritage site that dates back to between 3600 and 3200 B.C (7000 years older than the Pyramids).  Apart from that, you can enjoy strolling through the Citadel, a fort-city which is perched on a hill overlooking Victoria. Architecturally stunning churches can be found all over the island.

If you prefer active holidays, Gozo has scenic spots that will impress just about anyone.  It’s a great location for laid-back family fun or an activity-packed holiday.  There are endless ways to enjoy the crystal-clear waters (jet ski rental, diving, canoeing) or explore the country side (Segway rentals, quad bike rentals, jeep tours, bike rentals, horse-riding).