Diving in Gozo

We offer holiday services in the island of Gozo.One of them is diving in gozo island.We can offer a complete diving  package holiday including airport transfers and the facility to rent an apartment or villa with pool.We have teamed up with a local diving centre to organise diving on the beautiful island of Gozo.Diving in Gozo is very popular.In fact a large number of tourists from different countries come from overseas either to learn diving or to join diving with a  local dive guide.

The best diving in Gozo is on the west and North coast especially in the west coast.One can find different dive sites like Inland Sea,Coral Cave ,Crocodile rock and the greatest and the most popular dive site in all the Maltese islands the Blue Hole of Gozo.

Diving in Gozo

In the north of Gozo there are also two very good dive sites namely Reqqa Point and Double arch reef.These dive sites are all below the 30 metres range so a dive guide or instructor is recommended and only to divers qualified to Advanced level or higher.

We take divers safety as a top priority so we take no more then four divers per group.

We organise Padi courses and guided dives in different languages.

Some pictures of nature and fish on the right.


diving in gozo

 Blue Hole gozo diving site.

The blue hole is situated in dwejra bay just underneath where there was the Azure window of Gozo.Unfortunately the latter collapsed four years ago.Entry is rather difficult as the terrain is all rocky and quite sharp so one must always use a diving boots.When one enters the water and dives for 6 metres a large arch opens the dive throughthe marvellous open water and the deep blue sea.One can admire the beautiful golden cup coral and other corals.Amongst this dives popular fish like parrot fish,dentex and groopers can be seen.

One can dive 60 metres or below however it is recommended not to exceed the 40 metres.


diving in gozo
                                  The Inland Sea

The Inland Sea is also a popular dive site in Gozo.The entrance is rather easy compared to the blue hole as terrain is made of pebbles.One has to keep attention to the small tourist boats as several ones take tourists for a ride in the area.Inland sea,as the name suggests is a kind of lake allowing water to come in through a cave.

One can snorkel to the cave and dive down through a tunnel which starts at 10 metres at one end and ends up to 30 metres at the other end.The beautiful view outside the cave is parallel to none especially if one has a bright torch.At the end of tunnel the sea goes down to a further 60 metres.As a diving school wo dont go more than 40 metres.

diving in gozo
                                       Coral Cave

Coral Cave is next to the blue hole so the entrance is rather difficult as well.One has to use  diving boots consider an entrance  through a 2 metres jump.One has to take care the sea is calm to moderate as exits can be rather difficult especially in bad weather.

Coral cave is a huge semicircular cave which as the name suggests is full of coral.The bottom is 26 metres deep and is sandy.Divers have to keep quite above the sand and have good buoyancy.as touching the sand with fins can geopardize the divers safety.At the end of the cave there is also a small cave.One should  never enter that cave as a major fatality happened there several years ago.

Apart from exploring the cave one can explore the big boulders next to it where there is  prolific fish life.


                                      Crocodile Rock

As the name suggests  this is a rock formation which resembles a crocodile.
There are two ways to do enter the dive.Either by entering the water from the same spot of Coral cave.In this cave once has to do  a 200 metres snorkel swim before diving the crocodile rock.One can stay at 10 metres on the reef.
The other option is to go by a small boat.One can explore the hole circumference of the rock and explore the reef.The dive should take around 50 mimutes.The spot is very deep around 80 metres.A lot of marine life both at 10 metres to the 40 metres range can be seen. 


diving in gozo
                                      Reqqa Point
Reqqa point is the most popular dive in the North of gozo.This dive is only advisable is the sea is calm as the sea is very wild and the exist can be impossible in rough weather.One can dive at different levels depending on the experience.Hiwever this is a rather difficult dive so unexperienced divers should never dive it.Sea can go around 90 metres deep.
Upon entering the water one can find a lovely chimney at around 10 metres.Turning right under the tip of Ras ir-reqqa one can find a reef.One can stay at 20 to 4o metres depending on the experience.An instructor is recommend it for he dive.
The dive is good for photography as plenty of fish life can be seen.
Further North one can find the Double Arch reef which is also a deep dive and also xwejni bay which is a 10 metres dive ideal for beginners.

                          Double Arch Reef 

A big double arch is situated 200 metres of Qbajjar bay.One can do it as a long shore dive or one can also do it an deasier way by boat.

Infromt of the double arch there is a reef at 12 metres.One can follow the reef and dive down to 36 metres when one can find the double arch.Many coral and fish is to be found there.



                     Mv Karwela

In the last years there was a wish to sink more wrecks as an attraction to divers.Since the best dive sites are in the North and West,it was decided that the wrecks be sunken in the South exactly at Xatt l-ahmar.

Karwela was originally a tourist ferry.It is 50 metres long and is at a depth of 40 metres.A speciality in Deep diving in recommended for this dive.

There are three sunken ships in ths dive site

                                                              Mgarr ix-xini

Mgarr ix-xini is an easy dive site it is done as a beginners dive.The bottom is 10 metres however it goes down to a maximum of 16 metres at the far end of the valley.

On the right hand side one can find two caves 70 metres apart.Small ray fish,flying gournard and seahorses are often spotted!

Mgarr ix-xini is often used by dive schools as a night dive as one can find many crawling creatures.

Xlendi Bay and Reef

Xlendi bay is used as a beginners dive site or as A Padi open water diver course.

Although the visibility is not that ground it is an easy dive site to a maximum depth of 10 metres.

However on the outer part of the Xlendi valley there is a tunnel 20 metres long which leads to the outer side of the cliff.The light from the tunnel is fantastic.One can also dive the reef which goes down to 35 metres


diving in gozo


 The Blue Dome (Cathedral Cave).

The Blue dome is a dive site sitated in the Nort West of Gozo by the salt pans.Entry is through a valley know in Maltese as Ghasri Valley.One has to walk down about 80 steps to reach the entry of the dive.So one has to be quite fit.

The cave is found at the end of the valley on the right hand side.Entry id through some big boulders and one can surface the dive.The turqois colour of the water (resembles the blue lagoon) places this dive amongst the best dive sites in Gozo.


diving in gozo

 Ras Il-Hobz (MIddle finger)

This dive site is situated in the south east part of Gozo.nearby Xatt l-ahmar (where there are the wrecks).

Road is quite of a challenge as one has to pass through a narrow pathway i na valley.

It starts as a reef dive and then there is a bog round rock  which resembles a middle finger hence the name Middle Finger.It vis a great dive sites where one can stay at 40 metres.One can see a considerable number of fish like dentex parrot fish and many others.It is also home to Moray Eeels.

diving in gozo

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