Things to do in gozo

Things to do in Gozo,kayaking,scuba diving & much more

Various things one can do to enjoy a wonderful time in Gozo especially in the summer time.For the sea  lovers Gozo offers different kinds of sports.First and foremost on can swim in Gozo for seven month to all year round as water temperature does not drop below 15 celcius (at its coldest January to April) and reaches a peak of 27-30 celcius (July-September).

Some photos of the best Gozo beaches.

Besides swimming,scuba diving is a very popular ever growing sports.We have included a page specifically about it in the subcategory of things to so in Gozo.There are around 13 diveschools in Gozo in (13km x9km) so the choice is ample.

Below is a video of some of best Gozo Dive Sites.

Apart from diving two watersports that gained popularity in the recent years are kayaking Sup and Surfing.

A photo Gallery of Gozo Quadbikes and comino seways tours is underneath.

But besides water sports and other activities Gozo,although small offers various cultural things to do as it is  full of culture and history.It is a must to visit all history sites and some of the most popular churches.
The oldest building is a megalithic temple in Xaghra (around 3000 B.C) oldest temple in the world.It is called the Ggantija temple.Victoria and it`s historical sites are a must.First and foremost is the Citadel,Gozo Cathedral and fortifications which have been restored in the past year.The cathderal features a domeless church which in the inside painting depicts a dome!Several museums are around like folklore and archeological museum.At the entrance to the citadel one can find a gallery with a documentary about Gozo.A documentary about Gozo can also be seen at the Gozo cinema and is known as the Gozo 360.
Another church which is Victoria which is worth a visit is the St` George`s Basilica walking distance from the cathedral and the old narrow roads in the vicinity.Other famous churches include Ta` Pinu church and thr Xewkija Rotunda.Apart from that there are two caves know as the calypso cave and Mixta cave on top of ramla and also two stalectites and stalegmites caves in xaghra;

Photogallery of things worth a visit can be found below:

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