Gozo tours

Whether you are in gozo for a day trip,a weekend break or a longer stay we surely can host you with one of our many gozo tours.
Gozo is a small island (13kmx9) yet one has to dedicate at least one day to see it all.

For the family or elderly couple the  best bet in a gozo minibus tour.It has ample space and it has low steps ideally for any ages,and it also caters for people on a wheelchair.


Gozo tours by minibus

On our gozo tour by minibus one can visit several places of interest both historical,religious and beaches.

(1) The ggantija temples is the most popular historical places in Malta and Gozo.It is dated between 1500-2500 bc.The temples were used as an adoration of a fat women goddess.The temple is built by huge rocks and it was though that the people of that time were of ggantic dimensions.However it is now beleived from scientists that the people pushed the rock with wooden beams on small round rocks (like marbles) therefere diminishing the friction and the weight of the rocks.

(2)The gozo cathedral better from as the citadel or (Cittadella) was built in the 1500.The cathderal features a domeless roof but the painting resembles as dome.Apart from the cathderal one can enjoy a gozo tour of the museums such as the archeological one and also a tour of the citadel and fortifications.The citadel was build so that the people were safeguarded in it during the attacks from the Turkish enemies.

(3)Ta` Pinu shrine is a more modern church.In fact it was built in the 1920 but inside it a (500 years old church) can be found.It is dedicated to St` Mary and the man who donated the land was called Pinu.Many people claim that they were healed from illnesses and accidents due to prayers to the church dedicated to the Madonna.In fact one can find many writings and ornaments in the church ina a special room.

(4)The rotunda church is also a modern church.It is mostly famous for its gigantic size dome.

Apart from historical sites and churches we visit the main beaches;

(1)Dwejra bay which is home of the Fungus rock and Inland sea.From the inland sea there is a tunnel in a cave and one can take a boat tour to the open water.The tours lasts about 15 minutes and one can see caves and coral.The Azure window which was Gozo` most popular place for tourists fell 4 years ago in a huge storm.

(2)Ramla beach is the larges beach in Gozo as well as Malta.It is made of natural red sand.It is a very popular swimming spot.

(3)Xlendi bay is like a fyord and one can have a stop at one of th fish shops in the area.In one is staying for a longer star one can also go on a self drive gozo tour.

(4)Last but not least we see Marsalforn bay as well as the salt pans in the north of qbajjar.Fisherman collect salt in the in special rock containers and is collecting upon the water evaporation.